Root canals


Root canals are necessary when the nerve of the tooth is infected. Patients often hear horror stories about root canals from their friends. The story goes that it is extremely painful. The truth is that root canals should be painless. Sometimes, at the beginning of root canal therapy, there may be some pain. This usually occurs when the patient has left an infection for a long time and there is so much pus that the anaesthetic does not work well. If we encounter such a situation, we may prescribe antibiotics first and then commence root canal therapy. During root canal therapy we remove the dead nerve of the tooth and the associated bacteria with our instruments. We then fill the canals with a material which prevents bacteria from reentering your tooth. After a root canal on a back tooth, a crown is highly recommended. This is because root canal therapy involves drilling a hole through the tooth in order to gain access to the nerve. This weakens a tooth which is usually already weakened from tooth decay. A crown will hold the tooth together and prevent the tooth from splitting down the middle. If this occurs, the tooth will be lost.

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